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Hey there, I’m Abby!

Working as a photographer and video maker I have been fortunate enough to spend my time traveling, creating and working with wonderful individuals for the past five years.

With the amount of photographers growing exponentially, the question becomes: what sets us apart? Through years of learning, I have come to understand that photography must go beyond capturing the literals of life. Any photo can say a person has pretty hair and a nice smile, but we must strive to show the passions, emotions and characteristics that make up a person.

So let’s get in touch! I would love to learn more about your vision and how, together, we can create something wonderful.

Cheers to another year of documenting the wonderful individuals and places that make up this world.


 Interested in scheduling a photo session or just looking for more information? Take a look and fill out the form on this page. I would love to get to know you to understand how we can make our shoot thoughtful and enjoyable.

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